Centres d'intérêt : <br />Musique electronique Techno Influences :Jeff Mills Carl Craig Kenny Larkin Kevin Saundersaun Steve Stoll Chris Liebing Marco Carola Speedy J The Advent Brothers Yards Damon Wild Plastikman Luke Slater Dave Clarcke Laurent Garnier Others Influences : Amon Tobin Emilie Simon Bjork Autechre Boards of Canada Aphex Twin Krafwerk Underworld <br /><br />Dj & Composer more than Ten Yars AGO i'm proud of electronik musik. <br />The biginning was On Radio Cigale With Dj Tempo & National 2 <br />Big respect to N2 The man who give me most of the real good sound education from detroit chicago... <br />First organisation of techno party on 1993 with my friend Blobus. <br />I ever played after with famous artist like Marco Bailey, Colin Dales,Dj Ricks, Technasia , Dj hell,Dj Pierre,Jack de Marseille... <br />Made some Live "Access Project " In collaboration with my friend CBass, Cube's Resident during the period it stayed <br />One of the best techno club in belgium between 1997 to 2000 with The fuse & Silo in Belgium… <br />After started to work on association:KNJ,VAKARM,Primitive <br />with qll friend : <br />Blobus,Hektik,Mike,Vince,CBass,KOD,Greg,Pepa & many more for the best party with only 200/300 people but with the real minimal & hard techno sound & atmosphere . <br />Now I work in my studio for perhaps,future production... <br />Some project With Cbass 909 & KOD Regular session... <br />