hi, <br />I'm Sophie, I'm a 15 years old girl with a handicap. <br />I like games, drawing, horses and last but not least,, Music!! <br /><br />I listen to trance, techno, dance, sometimes hardcore, hardrock, rock, metal, and so much more... <br /><br />my fav musicians are scooter, silver, ferry corsten, tiesto, armin van buuren, megara and dj lee, 3 doors down, linkin park, bullet for my valentine, trapt, and so much more... <br /><br />I tried make music with fruity loops,, but all what I tried to make is poor!! <br />as somebody can help me?! please... <br /><br />if you want a song, or you want my msn or something,, just send me a PM. <br /><br />greetzz, <br />dj mistic