José Jiménez

ose Jimenez is one of the freshest DJ / producer talents of the electronic scene in Venezuela for the World, this artist with over 10 years experience in Djing has quickly escalate positions in the international electronic scene throwing productions and remixes labels such as; Vip House Records, HF Recordings, Tendenzia Records, Pink Flame Records, Dirty Talk Recordings, ADP Music Records, Music Silvio Rodrigues, Roraima Records, Passion Recordings, HMSP Music, This Beat Records, Fire Beats Records, E Pride Records , etc. In 2004 he was Warm-Up of the Night Eve at CENTRO-FLY Club of New York, during his career he has shared scene with artists like John Creamer, Liquid Todd (K-Rock), Trendroid, Dan Barnes, Small Changes, Jon Ferrari, Lunic and Frank Rempe, Sean Cormac, John Cacciatore, Jon Ferrari, Terry Francys, among others, in 2011 the prestigious list shows José Jiménez TheDjlist Ranked World Number 40 words Electronics, has participated in prestigious events and clubs his country Venezuela in which a given numerous concerts with total success and acceptance for brands like Pepsi, Red Bull, Yamaha, Dass Audio, and other prestigious brands, Your music Copilados participated in numbers such as: MIAMI SAMPLE 002, Volume DOPE MUSIC 9, DOPE MUSIC Volume 10, MEET ME IN IBIZA MIXED BY DJ CRAZY NIGHTS TERESA, FACTORY, WE LOVE ELECTRO, Dee Jay Mixtures, FEBRERY 2010 HMSP Monthly, GROOVE YOU LET ME Unmixed, THIS BEAT COLLETION, MINIMAL Techhouse 2011, WINTER TOP CLUB SELECTION 2013, HAS 3 Originals EP "EP Papa Legba, VENEZUELA MEETS NYC EP, EP ANUNNAKI" an official remix for the group The Ninth Move - Mirror, has the support of international radio programs in USA, Spain, Colombia, Argentina , Brazil, Mexico, etc.. With renowned DJs who play their original tracks & remixes, new productions are packed Trances Melodies, Rhythm House, Electro, Progressive and Tribal with Latin percussion and vocals, their next Original tracks include the Artist Music projects, a series of impr