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Hey everybody... it's me, your good buddy Djclyve, known to a select few as the Ranma 1/2 Character Profile Guy. I used to post a lot of profiles on Youtube, but with the WMG running rampant and spoiling the fun for everybody, I decided to post on other sites. The profiles I put up here I consider to be the best ones I've put out, of course many would disagree with me- to look at the other profiles they're still up on Youtube. I plan on posting other stuff up here as well- so consider this your home base for everything Ranma 1/2.


This is great. I love your Ranma 1/2 profiles, almost about as much as I love... Ranma 1/2.

You are an inspiration, and you're good at it. So good.

I Can't wait for this 16-bit month. Yeah, man, this is gonna rock. I can feel it.
5 years ago by TheNightStar
Jarrah White
Nice work on that Top 10.
You should advertise your Dailymotion account on Youtube, tell the fans were to find your new den of videos. :)
6 years ago by Jarrah White
Scott Machicote
Coming Soon... a brand new TOP 10!
6 years ago by Scott Machicote

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