Jason David Wilkie Parrish

Dj Amaya started out as a studio producer, and remixer, as part of the electronic duo 'The Euroboyz'. The first tracks under Dj Amaya were remixes for 'The Euroboyz', and so it wasn't long before the first white label remix was produced, and after finely tuning his skills some of the first original tracks were made. <br /><br />Already an accomplished producer & remixer, it wasn't long before Dj Amaya tracks became some of the best on the internet download scene. His originals and remixes began appearing on many DJ playlists. <br /><br />Today Dj Amaya brings a tech-trance sound which can compete with top acts of today, and will be an artist to watch in the comming years. <br /><br />' As a DJ, I am very picky when it comes to the production of a track, because there are many great compositions out there. The sad part is that a lot of those tracks just don't hit hard enough. Things like how the bass drums hit are very important to me. I'm always trying to better my production values. I make my tracks to kick ass in a live DJ set, and I'm not trying to make radio hits.'