About Diana Stone <br /><br />I think I have drifted through every musical style in the history of Mankind, ( personkind perhaps, or am I getting a bit Californian ) as I have always been interested in almost every sort of music from pop to the musicals and the classics, I would love to get into film /soundtrack writing but it is of course like every other part of the music world highly competitive. I am very much a composer, though I do like to play live and I would very much like to get together a competent bunch musos. At the moment I play live with a band called Elephant shelf and also the Delta Ladies who are quite busy at the moment. I play the ocassional self-penned number with them.I am looking to perform more of my own material live in future. You can hear more of my music here www.glass-cage.com and at www.lovemymusic.com <br /><br />I play keyboards, Violin, Guitars, and do a bit of vocals though thats not my strongest point. <br /><br />