“TheKiDz” <br />T'chara Dennis is 8 and was born on 04/27/2002. T'chara has been an honor roll student from the first grade until present. She was also nominated for student council for her school and did become the student council representative for all the second graders in her school for one year. T’chara has a natural entrepreneurship spirit; she was one of the student author’s in the Reedom Elementary school newsletter that was sent home to parents for the school’s monthly news and information. T’chara has published a page in the Reedom Elementary school book and is currently working on a second page in another book. T’chara love's reading, singing, writing songs, rapping, modeling, designing clothes, doing gymnastics and she also loves art and has an amazing talent to draw pictures. Devyn Dennis is 5 and was born on 10/21/2004; he will be starting kindergarten this year and has already recorded a children’s hip-hop song and shot his own music video, called I'm A Champion. He loves to sing, rap, act and model. He was a featured baby in a PBS children show called "The Children Place" in (2006)...Devyn is also one of the kid character voices for a soon to be publish/online children’s book. Devyn is full of energy and has lots of personality and seems to love when cameras are on him. Devyn has done several photo-shoots for student photographers and is blessed with a talent to make all kinds of crazy sound effects and many funny facial expressions, which Devyn also has a nice voice that can be use for voice-overs jobs. T'chara and Devyn stage name is "TheKiDz" Both kids come from a musical back ground”. Their great grandfather is Hammer Nixon best known as a country blues harmonica Player (22 January 1908 — 17 August 1984) “Wikipedia”. Also their grandfather is BB. King’s lead guitar player “Charlie Tuna”; which Charlie Tuna currently tours around the world with BB. King...Etc., Music definitely runs in their veins.