Beau Deters

I want to bring about a non-violent world revolution whereby governments are abandoned and self governance is embraced. People would set aside fiat currency, gold, silver, notes, bills, bonds, negotiable instrument of all types, and find a new means of association; a one in which the relationship of one with another is a means of helping, assisting, serving others because in helping the other they help themselves, as we are all one, and that which helps one helps all, that which harms one harms the whole. Those acts of violence that harm, what we do negatively to others, we do to ourself, however what we do positively to others we also do to\/for ourselves. <br /><br />We need to realize that the survival of this humanity is linked to its ability to succeed, not at the expense to others, but by raising up others. Stepping on others holds all back, lifting others helps all. <br /><br />Business as usual is over. Capitalism is rotting. Socialism has failed. Communism never had a chance in its denial of the spiritual aspect. All that is left, the one system left untried, is cooperation, and our very survival depends up it. <br /><br />The time has come. The fork in the road has been reached. The choice must be made. <br /><br />How will you proceed?