Some top tips for dentist videos : <br />1. Make sure your dental surgery details are clearly visible, include phone number, address and webssite address in description - if possible link directly to dental website <br />2. Include main services in description, cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry, teeth whitening, designer smile service, veneers and so on. <br />3. Think about how people are searching online for your dental services : find the most common search phrases in your city and then add these to <br />your title and description. Google keyword tool will help you discover the most commonly used search terms, eg, manhatten dentist, dentist in Chicago. <br />4. Consider producing multiple videos to target the most commonly searched keyword phrases for your city. This will greatly increase the visibiliy of your business for different dental services. <br />5. Ask your patients how they would search for your dental services, it may give you ideas. Also ask patients for their honest opinion of your video, and ask if they have any suggestions. <br />6. Many people still have a fear of dentists, dental phobia is common. Through your dental video, you will be able to address their fears and help them overcome their anxieties. Video will allow you to communicate with clients effectively, you can explain how developements in dental surgery can help make their experience more relaxing. <br />7. Introduce clients to your team, and give them a walk through of your surgery. This will be an opportunity to showcase the expensive equipment <br />you have invested in. <br />8. Put your dentist video everywhere - On video sharing sites, blogs , websites , facebook, directories ( some allow it ). <br />9. Optimise your video to appear on page one of google for commonly searched keyphrases. People searching for teeth whitening, dental braces, cosmetic dentistry will be able to see how your dental surgery can benefit them!