Deine Lakaien

Deine Lakaien: About the band... <br /><br />Your ears are painful after a concert? There is no happiness and on the way to the parking you are back in reality within seconds? Then it cannot have been a Deine Lakaien performance! Because the motto of their shows (before, during and after) always is: excitement, joy and getting away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. And responsible for that are Ernst Horn and Alexander Veljanov, two outstanding musicians both passionate about their work, eye-catching and charismatic. They are presenting their nicest and best compositions since 20 years. <br /><br />Creative work accomplished and milestones reached. Their albums are sophisticated and powerful. Electronically they are always generating challenges to the status quo. Like no other band, Deine Lakaien were forming and broadening the musical horizon of the European darkwave music. They always fit into the scene but never went with the crowd. The reward is a faithful fan base, sold out concerts and high placement on the charts where we usually find stereotypes. They prefer creating music differently. Imagine them as an island of freedom. For instance, they deconstruct their own in most cases very complex songs to recreate and perform them in acoustic versions afterwards. With their trend-setting concept they were able to take their music to a much wider audience. <br /><br />The fascinating thing about their performances is the musical diversity. The instrumentalist and composer Ernst Horn is working with computers, rotary switches and piano in a way that the audience could possibly think that instruments and devices might be ‘alive’. He spends a lot of energy in all this work. The reward is a clear, strong, swinging and grooving sound, which is powerful and filled with tenderness at the same time. The music of Deine Lakaien is always different. At the end of a tour, songs can be rather different than at the beginning – it seems that during all the time on the road they are coming up with new ideas and integrate them in the existing songs. For Lakaien fans the name Ernst Horn represents quality music for many years now. Not surprising, it seems like in his head there is always something going on concerning his music: Switching off is impossible. <br />Alexander Veljanov, however, is introverted on stage: maybe this is even the highest form of being extroverted facing a concert hall full of people. He exposes his feelings without revealing weakness. In this way he is bewitching the audience. For short announcements between the songs he seems to become a ‘real person’, which is important in the world of art and entertainment. Veljanov is reaching the audience with his sometimes warm and soft, sometimes aggressive and impressive voice. Scientists also call it ‘stimulus-response’.