I am NOT a "professional" drummer of any kind, i've been playing since middle 2002 (a bit more than 7 years), I've never had any lessons (other than listening to music and watching drumming video's) i am just a guy that LOVES drumming and all things rhythm. i have an insane admiration and respect for the craft that is drumming and i have a never-ending desire to be the best i can possibly be. I dont play drums or practice because I have to, I play because I can't help it.. <br /><br />I recently got sponsored due to these drum video's and the hits they get, but that changes nothing :) Still not getting paid, still loving every second of it. Fo shizzle. <br /><br />Also, there has been some confusion over this, so i'd just like to clarify; Each and every one of my video's are totally independently produced by only me. I borrow all the cameras and lighting equipment, and because I have been blessed with sponsorships i now have my own recording equipment. Friends help me out from time to time, as an example Niklas designed the Space Graphic used on the website and in the Hybrid Series. I record, mix, direct, perform and edit every single drum stroke in every single frame you see :) <br /><br />Thanks for stopping by! <br />Laus Deo Semper. <br />~ç <br /><br />(please email for enquiries and applications concerning endorsement and/or sponsorship deals.) <br /><br />I AM VERY PROUDLY ENDORSED <br />BY THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES: <br /><br />Jobeky Electronic Drums <br /> <br /><br />UDRUM (aka Underground Drum Co.) <br /> <br /><br />Audiosure <br />(Samson and Allen & Heath recording equipment) <br /> <br /><br />Music Connection <br />http://www.musicconnection.... <br /><br />TRX Cymbals <br /> <br /><br />SMG Africa <br />