The Décor Group of companies is a conglomerate of three related yet unique business entities. Décor Mouldings, Décor Pillars and D&B Exterior Finishings share this single common business vision. <br /><br />The Décor Group of companies. Manufacturers and Suppliers of Fibreglass Columns, Aluminum Columns, Wood Columns, Polyurethane Columns, Decorative Capitals, Aluminum Railings, Custom Hardwood Mouldings, Polyurethane Mouldings, Flexible Mouldings, Custom Pergola and Trellis, Wainscotting Systems, Veneer Sheets, Hardwood Doors, Custom Carvings. <br /><br />Décor Pillars. Beauty, style and elegance - these simple words capture the essence of decorative columns by Décor Pillars. These columns evoke the stately splendor and classic beauty of ancient Greek and Roman architecture. <br /><br />Décor Moulding pledges to offer the highest quality products and services to meet or exceed their expectations of our customers. The leading suppliers of wood and fiberglass composite mouldings in Canada. Choose from a wide array of products to beautifully accent your home; curved casings, backbands, crowns, corner blocks, hand rails, baseboards, doorstops, tongue and groove, combinations and panel mouldings <br /><br />* <br />* <br />* <br />* <br />* <br />* <br />* 1-866-DECOR (33267)-11 <br />* 905-612-1400