Damon Brett

Welcome to my Dailymotion page. Here, I upload some Yu-Gi-Oh! fandubs, mostly from 5D's, as well as GX and 5D's Japanese Comparison videos when necessary.
In my fandubs, I remove the Japanese voices in Audacity or Sony Vegas and use some of the original sound effects as well as leaving the original background music alone. However, when removing the voices, some echoes from the Japanese voices can be heard and some sound effects and parts of the music are removed, so I use sound effects from those anime shows (which I found online) and use the original background music taken from the official soundtrack CDs released in Japan and rearrange them so it's in sync with the music in the original audio track. Also, the dialogue is taken from some fansubs (TnKP and GX_ST fansubs for 5D's as an example) but the translations are slightly reworded and rewritten a tiny bit so it can fit the lip flaps without losing the original meaning as I try to stay close to the original material as good as I can. It's a shame the official dubs of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series are heavily edited and censored to be aimed at a younger audience though but what can you do?
I used to upload videos on YouTube a long time ago but because of the copyright crap going on and me getting strikes on my Yu-Gi-Oh! videos, I upload them on to Dailymotion instead as it's a better alternative site to use to upload my videos. Also, do not expect me to upload full episodes of TV shows I like. Hope you enjoy my videos.
Credit goes to RenRei00 for the awesome banner.
UPDATE: I will no longer be uploading videos on Dailymotion as they took down most of my fandubs. So don't expect anymore videos here. If you want to see more of my videos, go to my ZippCast channel and make sure to subscribe as I have most of my videos old and new on there.
My ZippCast Channel: http://www.zippcast.com/user/dbret12