<br />The home of DayLife Records on Dailymotion. <br />This site will feature all of the music by DayLife Records artists and all my favourite dub, dubstep, jungle, garage etc tunes on Dailymotion. ;-) <br />DayLife Records <br /><br />AKA daylife905 on Dailymotion <br /><br />Line up: <br /><br />D.J Rolling Paper <br /><br />D.J Future P <br /><br />D.J JaGgEd BrAiN <br /><br />Soylent Beans <br /><br />Round Thing <br /><br />DayLife Records is an independent Canadian label that represents underground music producers. We are involved in jungle, drum and bass, dubstep, breakbeat, house, avant garde and beyond.