David Rosalie

Born on the 15th February 1984, on the small paradise island of Mauritius, David has been on the decks for seven years now, grown in a family where music was always enjoyed and he would always like to play his piano to entertain them. Years passed by and during his adolescence, David influence was rock, until he for the first time in 1999, went to a local nightclub.At that moment, electronic music had just arrived on the Mauritian dance-floor. Without knowing he had already change his taste in terms of music, because of his curiousty, he was much interested in the new wave of electronic music <br /><br />As freelance, David played in various clubs and private parties across the island. David sets are never programmed but would always play Tech House and Dark Progressive House. David must admit that he has got his own fan club with the support of local and international djs. The way to follow was to produce his own tracks and that was what he doing since 2002. David production work consist mainly Progressive House