David DiMuzio

http://Facebook.com/DavidDiMuzio <br />http://Youtube.com/DavidDiMuzio <br /><br />10 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT DAVID DIMUZIO... <br /><br />1. I wrote my first real song when I was 11 years old because I had a huge crush on a girl at camp. My heroes growing up where my favorite musicians, and that seemed to be what they did. I sang her the song after we attended the "summer camp dance" then timidly asked if I could kiss her, she said yes, and then we kissed each other on the cheek, and I realized I was on to something. <br /><br />2. I'm a selectatarian (It's like a vegetarian, but it means I eat things other than vegetables) <br /><br />3. Love your neighbor as yourself, but love your siblings even more. <br /><br />4. My favorite singer is Billy Joel and my favorite band is Bon Jovi. I want to write songs like Billy Joel...and look like Jon Bon Jovi. <br /><br />5. I believe in people. I think it's better to naively trust and get hurt or disappointed sometimes than to constantly keep ones guard up. I forgive people really quickly. <br /><br />6. I like the idea of sleeping in my car. I've done it a couple of times ...never because I had to, but just because there's a certain amount of freedom that comes with knowing that you can sleep in your car and everything will be alright. If you don't understand then watch the movie "Into The Wild". <br /><br />7. I drive a pontiac vibe because it gets great gas mileage and has a large backseat! ...ya know...for storing gear and stuff ;) <br /><br />8. I'm a "World Champion" juggler. Juggling and competing in the World Championships gave me something tangible that I could hold on to throughout a really rough childhood. Gravity is always there and I liked the fact that with enough work I could "defy" it. Completely un-related, I also really like the song "Defying Gravity" from the musical "Wicked". <br /><br />9. I play guitar on my own recordings, write all of my own lyrics, and arrange all of my own music. <br /><br />10. "Baby we were Born To Run!"