Dave Cote

|| Free Movies Free Videos Online Watch for Free || David Cote is an actor and film director. He has played numerous leading roles in films such as Killer Bash, The Devil's Tomb, Once Upon a Mattress and Darkest Hour. Cote has played actor and principal roles for many other films and for television, including Watchmen, Smallville, Supernatural and Dead Zone. David Cote also produces and directs film. His first, “Windup” was a feature film with a cast of 50, shot in over 40 locations, with actors John Read, Lurene Music, Alex Bruhanski, Mel Tuck and Cote as billed cast. Windup was a feat never before accomplished on a budget under $10,000. Cote took his film to the Cannes Film Festival in 2007, to shop it as one of Canada's lowest budget feature films, and to look for interest on his next film, "Inertia". In an article titled “Filmmaker smells success at Cannes”, it is noted that award-winning writer, Gordy Hoffman, reviewed "Inertia". The success Cote's first film brought encouraged him to continue to pursue a career as a film maker, and to subsequently produce a documentary titled “Don’t Tell My Agent!!!”, that features Karl Lagerfeld, Claudia Schiffer, Leonardo Di Caprio, Beyonce and Coolio.