Thanks for dropping by. I'm David. Live in the Uk, near London. How you doing?<br /><br />About me : I’m a laid-back, creative guy. A lover of good conversation, mucking about, travel and generally enjoying life! I enjoy writing music and songs, playing golf, riding my bike, people watching, cats, adventuring and seeing friends and family.<br /><br />… I love to give people the means to build a business that actually frees them to do whatever they want – in my case that’s writing music – in your case, it might be spending more time with your children…or travelling perhaps..what would be your perfect day?<br />I’m not in this for the money...i do this to be free from the money system! – to live a more natural lifestyle…to be create and to help. There’s so much hype online about making ‘six figures in 6 months’ etc,etc… I’m interested in Freedom…that’s it… What about you? What are you looking for?<br />Perhaps we’ll get to have a chat<br /><br />Have a good one,<br /><br />David