Dave and Mike Community Based Broadcasting

Dave served in the U.S. Army for 7 years in the infantry. During his military service, he was deployed to Iraq on two occasions. On his first deployment, he was wounded in an ambush in Tal Afar. As a tribute to his valor and the injuries he sustained in that ambush, Dave was subsequently awarded the esteemed Purple Heart. On his second tour of duty, Dave discovered that he had a gift for writing and quickly found himself becoming a public figure in the War on Terror as he scribed a weekly column for the Fort Lewis Ranger about his experiences on the frontlines. His writing endeavors motivated Dave to pursue his degree in journalism. Currently, he is authoring a book about those experiences, as well as serving as a contributing feature writer for the Fife Free Press and Tacoma Weekly. As a journalist, Dave has been on every beat you could think of, but his true passion is writing heartfelt human interest stories, particularly those about wounded warriors. Dave has a love for broadcasting, spawned in part by listening to Chick Hearn of the Lakers while he was growing up. That, coupled with his experience as a former high school basketball player and his time as a southern California high school coach, makes him a perfect candidate for covering local sports. After three years of Fife coverage, Dave took his place behind the mic for Fife basketball play-by-play. <br /><br />Alongside Dave is Mike, the articulate and seasoned professional. When he is not calling plays and sharing his athletic insights on-air, Mike busies himself by studying to be math teacher. Mike’s quick ability to retrieve and recite stats during games, as well as his in-depth, intelligent commentary, has brought the broadcast to a whole different level.