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this page will carry video blogs (vlogs) pertaining to the real ethnicity of the so-called "blacks" of the african diaspora. in truth, they are hebrews, descendants of the ancient hebrews whom the Almighty Creator chose as His people, with whom he entered into a Sacred Covenant known as the Covenant of Abraham or the Hebrew Covenant.

One of the Punishments is a loss of identity, a discontinuance of our heritage. Proof of this is the fact that the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of "blacks" in the u.s., carribean, central and south america, and w. africa do not know that they are really hebrews!

Hence the title of this page: the valley of decision. information, proof, testimoney and commentaries will be provided concerning our real ethnicity. I honor, admire and love scholarly research (historical, anthropological, political, social, etc.) and encourage all who view these vlogs to take up this worthy endeavor. The Most High declared : "MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE ..." (Hos. 4:12). gaining knowledge/information is the best way to end the destruction of the hebrew community.

Yet, what kind of knowledge? we will discuss knowledge around the name of the Most HIgh and HIs Son, Yahushuwah; and the identity of the hebrew people - for starters.

I am a Messianic Hebrew; my eyes are set on the Kingdom To Come, and the author and finisher of our fate, Yahushuwah. Why? 1 John 4:19.