Milo Price
Olympia, Wa, United States
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I make stop-motion videos. My favorite topic is Star Wars, though I occasionally do something else. I mainly upload videos on YouTube.


I sent you the translated script ;-)
4 years ago by Aiwha
Yes of course I'm still interested ! =)
Can you send me the script as soon as possible because Saturday I go to Canada for 3 weeks.
But if I have the script quickly, I can translate before saturday.
4 years ago by Aiwha
Michael Inglis
hoy millo iv got an idea fore solitery - he gets savved!!11!11111!!111!!1!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!1111111111!!21!!!111!!!
5 years ago by Michael Inglis
brickmovie studio
5 years ago by brickmovie studio

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