Danny Whitfield

Welcome to the Illustrious world of Autovision! <br /><br />What price do you put on art? <br />The art world is a crazy place, and there seems to be no limit as to what the next renaissance masterpiece will fetch. The same collector mayhem happens in the muscle car world, with top examples of our favorite cars going for millions of dollars. Artist Danny Whitfield has priced his art masterpieces of classic cars at very reasonable prices. <br /><br />ALSO, Its not uncommon for an artist to possess many un-tap talents. Danny's degree is in Industrial Design is a combination of applied art and applied science, whereby the aesthetics, ergonomics and usability of products may be improved for marketability and production. It so happen his love for the automobile takes first place in his creative life, however that love extends to other forms of design. This includes architectural design and home decor, Interior design, appliances, and even furniture. If you can dream it Danny can draw it. <br /><br />ALSO, most artists have a built in radar for anything worth taking a picture of. This is also evident with Danny's Photography work which is also featured on You Tube and website. Take a look at Danny Whitfield Photography and Design Art! <br /><br />Read his Biography to know more about him or take a look at what his customers say about his work here, http://www.dannywhitfield.com/special_order.html <br /><br />His portfolio of car prints highlights everything from a AMC to a Z28. <br />See: www.dannywhitifeld.com