Musique Free Style tout droit... inspiration international ...le coeur qui parle... <br />Music Free Style straight away... inspiration international... the heart which speaks <br /><br />Dab est née en afrique de l'ouest quelque part, c'est un homme bizarre qui marche au feeling... c'est à travers sa musique qu'il parle de sa vie de la vie qu'il observe tous les jours comme tout le monde... <br />A sa venue au monde, on l'appella "Jahmbi" qui veut dire "Dread" <br />Il fait parti du peuple fallacha, on les appelle de nos jours les Soninkés, ils se trouvent principalement en afrique de l'ouest et sont originaires d'Ethiopie. <br />Vive l'amour, le vrai amour <br />Jah Guide <br /><br />************************** <br />Dab is born somewhere in West Africa , he was called "Jahmbi" meaning "Dread". <br />It is a man who walks to the feeling... Through his music, he speaks about his life of the life that he sees everyday like everyone... <br />He's from fallacha people , we call them Soninkés at present, they are from West Africa and are originally from Ethiopia. <br />Love, True love <br />Jah Guide <br /><br />************************ <br /><br />DON'T IMITATE THE OTHERS <br />BECAUSE " A PIECE OF WOOD <br />CAN REMAIN TEN MILLES YEARS IN WATER <br />BUT IT WILL NEVER BE A CROCODILE ". <br />WE ARE WHAT WE ARE, <br />EACH ONE HAVE HIS OWN MESSAGE <br /><br />******************** <br /><br />Sitting in the grass along the road I'm playing my guitar and I look at this beautifull nature... <br />My guitar speaks my heart about the love makes me feel the creative genius of this ground when a hind passes by... <br />My guitar accompanies it until it disappears... <br /><br />********************