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Please be sure to visit my main site for my microwave show on Youtube where it all began and subscribe to my show at: <br /><br />Welcome to dOvetastic Microwave Theater on the Dailymotion site. <br /><br />I am Kenny Hassan Irwin, the founder of the first and original microwave entertainment show on the web started in February of 2006 on Youtube just months after Youtube was born. My show is one of the very first organized entertainment series that led to the formation of "shows" on Youtube and the partner program from users who were dedicated to provide ongoing entertainment that was apart from random videos or video storage. <br /><br />dOvetastic Microwave Theater 2005-20011© <br /><br />"dOvetastic Microwave Theater" is the first, the original and longest running microwave entertainment show on the web which has about 7 million views on Youtube . My show is a sucsessful google partner. There is over 600 microwaving episodes produced with many of them in HD Widescreen on Youtube. <br /><br />dOvetastic Microwave Theater invites you to visit the official Youtube site where my show began years ago: <br /> <br /><br />*Please do not attempt experiments, for entertainment purposes only. <br /><br />All Episodes of dOvetastic Microwave Theater 2005-2011© are my copyright protected material. Do not copy, modify or distribute with out my express permission. <br /><br />You may blog, link etc., as credit or link is provided. <br /><br />I have been featured on the Conan O'brien Show on TBS. Kenny Irwin's artwork is featured at AVAM [American Visionary Art Museum] in Baltimore, MD and the art of Kenny Irwin as received international and national media acclaim. <br /><br />Kenny Irwin- <br />Perfectlymadebirds Co. 2005-2011©