All State KBR Browning General Electric Sprint Main Line Information Systems St Luke's Hospital Avero Diagnostics <br />Benefits <br /><br /> Enable your agents to solve problems using E-Mail ticketing. <br /><br /> Give your customers control to solve problems through an intelligent-end user portal - <br /><br /> Save Important customers with ticket escalation. <br /><br /> Save valuable time when caring for customers. <br /><br /> Really, very simple! A ticketing system is a complex task but we make it easy for you!. <br /><br /> Customize forms and User Fields to comply with your needs! <br /><br /> Web-based software off-the-shelf ready! customization is optional, we can do it for you. <br /><br />Options to use Cynergy: Most people Install it on their own server, or some purchase the product and ask us to host it for them on our secure servers. Or you can use it month to month in a SAAS business model.