Elisabeth Cullington

As a Certified Financial Planner and member of the premier wealth advisory firm serving San Diego County and beyond, I believe that this is a time for leadership, not idle thinking. <br /><br />As a thought leader, I am developing new capabilities – creative ideas with substance. I believe that conventional approaches alone are not sufficient for these times. <br /><br />By panning out, looking much wider than the markets and the macro forces at work, I am able to deliver unconventional wisdom around wealth and develop solutions that allow investors to restore control to their financial lives and realize their life goals. <br /><br />This is a critical time in which the financial services industry can rise to the occasion with wisdom, creativity and trust. My firm and I have already begun this journey, and we invite you to explore and evaluate whether it makes sense for you. <br /><br />San Diego Financial Planner <br /><br />As a seasoned and experienced San Diego financial planner, Elisabeth Cullington, CFP, CDFA, is known for maintaining her clients trust while helping them meet their financial goals. <br /><br />San Diego Financial Advisor <br /><br />As a San Diego financial planner, Elisabeth Cullington, CFP, CDFA, has crafted a somewhat different approach in that she takes on a partnership with the client. <br /><br />San Diego Financial Planning <br /><br />As a San Diego financial advisor, Elisabeth Cullington, CFP, CDFA, is focused on providing personalized financial planning to her clients through her professional advice and management services. <br /><br />Financial Advisor <br />With Elisabeth Cullington, CFP, CDFA, the client takes the first position, and all secondary positions. If she can’t cultivate maximum productivity for her client accounts, she won’t take on the client. For more information about becoming a CULLINGTON CLIENT or to schedule an interview with Ms. Cullington, please contact Elisabeth Cullington, CFP by email at ecullington@yahoo.com or by phone at 858.576.7300.