Craigslist TV

Craigslist TV is a unique and exciting webseries from Craigslist & documentary filmmakers Brownstone Entertainment. <br /><br />By choosing an opt-in button when posting on Craigslist, these users' real postings (approximately a 1,000 a day) have the chance of becoming the next webisode. Real Craigslist users are followed from the very beginning, when they post their ad and throughout their entire journey. <br /><br />This engaging webseries gives an amusing glimpse into the very real and human face of the everyday Craigslist user….divas, daredevils, drinking buddies and date-seekers. Stories ranging from a husband casting call to a ninja for hire show examples of the entertaining stories that come from Craigslist's everyday use. <br /><br />Real people. Real postings.