cornea speranta

,,Based on the provisions of <br />article 11, letter ?d? from law no. 51/1991, on Romania?s national <br />safety, we inform you of the following data and information about <br />RADULESCU STEFAN, born on March 11th 1956 in the Commune of Tomsani, <br />Prahova County, residing in Bucharest, str. Ana Davila nr. 31-33, sector <br />5, whose activities are the object of the criminal file no. 430/P/2003, <br />with the Prosecutor?s Office from the High Court of Cassation and <br />Justice ? Criminal Investigation and Criminalistics Department. <br />Thus, the subject, a majority shareholder of S.C. MOBINS S.A., S.C. <br />TRANSPORTURI AUTO ASTRA S.A., S.C. SOMACO S.A., S.C. SOMACO HOLDING <br />S.A., S.C. ROTRAS INTERNATIONAL HOLDING S.A., all form Bucharest and <br />S.C. ROTRAS S.A. Drobeta Turnu Severin, on his illicit actions, <br />prejudiced the state budget by billions of Romanian lei. <br /><br />I. SC SOMACO SA <br />After purchasing the majority stock of S.C. SOMACO S.A., RADULESCU <br />STEFAN misappropriated over one million dollars by supply of fictitious <br />services, through S.C. TRANSPORTURI AUTO ASTRA S.A. and various <br />companies owned by Arabian citizens (especially from Iraq and Syria); <br />there are data according to which an important amount was expatriated <br />though ghost companies. <br />We specify that the Arabian citizens are assisted by attorney-at-law <br />BOGASIU MIHAI, born on August 18th 1967 in Bucharest, residing in the <br />same city, str. Vasile Lucaci nr. 14A, the main collaborator of <br />RADULESCU STEFAN. <br />Among the Arabian citizens? companies, the following were identified: <br />- S.C. IRA IMPORT EXPORT S.R.L. (J40/664/2002, a company that issued <br />several false invoices when taking over the registered address of S.C. <br />SOMACO S.A.), whose sole shareholder is TAHER S FARAJ, born on March <br />29th 1966 in Al Anbar, Iraq.