Created by: whose olympics?
Created on: 26 March 2012
Type: Public contest
Share your experiences here, whether before during or after the London Olympic Games period. Upload your videos about how the Olympics are shaping the way you use parks and public spaces in London in 2012.

We're making a collaborative film about the way the Olypics are transforming these spaces and we need your help. So if you'd like to see your stories represented in our final film (to be produce in early 2013) upload your videos here!

Use your phone camera, camcorder, laptop or other devise to capture what you are seeing and share your memories, telling others of the good times and the difficulties you’ve encountered. You can also geo-tag your films and help us to map the changing city across the Games period as we all try to understand what kind of Legacy will emerge from London in 2012.

Visiting London? What is your impression of the Games? Can you truly feel a part of the Olympics without having tickets to a live event? Not interested in the Games? Share your reasons why – your doubts and concerns – show us how the Olympic preparations are transforming your lives and the areas near you. Are your views not represented so far? Upload your films to make yourself heard.

Join us in our collective search to better understand the Legacy of London in 2012!