Created by: NoMoreNulPoints
Created on: 05 March 2013
Type: Public contest
No More Nul Points

An alternative to the Eurovision Song Contest

We are looking for singer- songwriters to perform and submit original song entries as alternatives to the official Eurovision selection.

How to enter?

- All entries must me made via video submission to
- All entries songs must be original songs, no covers or ‘borrowed’ lyrics
- All people entering the competition must be residents of the UK
- All people entering must be 16 years old or more
All entries must be entered by midnight on the 8th April 2013.

Voting will commence at midnight on 8th April and will commence at midnight on the 14th April.

A broadcast documentary will be made about the artists with the most votes and these top songs will be put forward to the BBC as alternatives to what ever noble attempt they have managed this year.

Terms and conditions apply.


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