Created on: 29 April 2011
Type: Moderated contest
Do you believe in the potential of video for development planning?
Want to share your fieldtrip experiences with a wider community?
Wondering how you can report the issues you’ve encountered during your Masters?

Then this is the competition is for you!

The team that brought you the DPU Film Series now introduce you to the DPU Short Film Competition.
The rules are simple: films should be of between 3 and 5 minutes in length, and should encapsulate one of the follwing key themes:

Understanding urbanisation in the 21st century;
Environmental Justice;
Working with diverisity;
Re-thinking development.

The fieldtrips ahead offer a perfect opportunity for you to tell your story, though films with narratives that don't include experiences during the fieldtrips are equally welcome. You won’t need top of the range equipment [digital cameras, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops] will enable you to capture key moments, apply your editing brush, and explore the possibilities of low-tech accessible technologies for film making in development.

You can enter as an individual or a group, prepare your scripts and when the final short is produced upload it here.
If you want to discuss you idea or have any queries about the terms and conditions to participate in this contest
please contact Gynna Millan (g.franco@ucl.ac.uk) or Matthew Wood-Hill (matthew.wood-hill@ucl.ac.uk).

The platform is now open for entries until the 3rd of June 2012

A selection of the best films will be shown on the last day of the term. (date TBC)