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How to avoid plagiarism in your assignments?
It is a common requirement amongst all universities in the world that while pursuing a degree course; your assignments are free from any kind of plagiarism. Plagiarism is defined as copying ideas and content of some other author without authorisation and acknowledgement of the original source. So, a student shall be very careful for any offences related to plagiarism.
Any plagiarised assignment straight away marked as failed and normally candidates are required to appear before board of examiners and explain their act. This could also lead termination from the university. Following are the necessary steps to guard yourself from plagiarising in your assignments.
1. Writer original content: You should write original and new content as much as possible in your assignments. You can read from diverse backgrounds however look to develop some new content and thoughts based on your knowledge. You have to use your own words. There are some standard academic requirements for the language. For example; in most of the academic works; first person i.e. I or We is not used instead third person He or She or Author is used. Make sure you follow these writing requirements as well.

2. Avoid unauthentic websites: You should minimise direct searches related to your assignments on the internet. Instead go for the databases that your university has provided access to for your academic research. Wikipedia type of sites should never be visited even.

3. Refer/Cite as your write: Once you refer/cite to an author is your assignment, make sure at that time itself; you refer the same both in-text and in the file reference list. Many students ignore this and later on they tend to forget to cite the source.

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