Consumer Priority Service

Consumer Priority Service provides world-class extended warranty solutions for most all high-ticket purchases, as well as general consumer electronics. Keeping your gear protected with an extended warranty from Consumer Priority Service is a wise decision to make. Extended service plans are available on plans that range from 2 years to 5 years of additional protection beyond the normal manufacturer's warranty. Contact us today and get protected.<br /><br />As a leader and innovator in the field of service plans, Consumer Priority Service consistently exceeds industry standards when it comes to excellence in customer care and services. Our representatives are comprehensively trained in handling customer’s post-sale experience. We at Consumer Priority Service offer extended warranty coverage for virtually all high ticket consumer purchases ranging from high-end consumer electronics to computers to major appliances and more.<br /><br />We have one goal in mind – to give the customer the ultimate service plan experience. This means complete, hassle-free, on-line control – from updating your service plan’s information to scheduling and tracking the progress of service calls or claims. This also means giving you valuable information and tool to use, like on-line copies of your product(s) user’s manual (as available from your product’s manufacturer), preventative maintenance tips, notification of product recalls and much more.<br /><br />Better Service<br /><br />Our company was built on the foundation that customers always deserve better service. By following through and providing a “best-in-class” service, Consumer Priority Service is quickly becoming the first choice among retailers, e-commerce and manufacturers alike. We provide: Extended, In-home Extended, Date of Purchase, Accidental Damage, and OEM Parts and Labor Service Plans. We cover products that are new, scratch and dent or refurbished.