Cyril "congopunQ" Atef was born in Berlin may 1968 to a french mother and iranian father. the family moved to LA in 1978 I've been playing drums for 32 years. i've been singing since a few years and started composing in the late 80's. after studying music in LA and Boston i left for europe in 1990 to tour with boston based percussion band "Ozain". we toured that summer on the streets of various european capitals and i decided to settle in paris august 1990. I have been working with different bands ever since. from french reggae artist Princess Erika to Aswad, from an afro-funk combo called Hopen Collective to Cameronian bikutsi star Mama Ohandja, with Raï singers Cheb Mami, Cheb Saraoui + Chaba Fadela and L'orchestre national de barbès (ONB),from french pop-rock superstar -M- to singer-songwriters Alain Bashung and Brigitte Fontaine. from the experimental hybrid sextet Olympic Gramofon to my main 100% improv. band Bumcello with cellist Vincent Segal. from LA based Geggy Tah (with Tommy Jordan) to NYC based Chocolate Genius.....i'll stop there thats enough!! <br /><br />Constantin"Dr. Kong" Leu the"SuggaDada" was conceived by a french mother and a romanian father who fled the Ceausescu regime. He is an interior decorator,has done silk painting, dances with much energy,performs,does really stupid and ridiculous shit like making crèpes and building tents on stage, appears in a few movies and french tv shows. He performed a show with dance company Iritis called "J'aimerais savoir ce que tu me dises en me regardant". He also is part of another band called Musique Post Bourgeoise