COMMON FATES was born in 2004 and the fruit of a lucky encounter of different temperaments with varying musical influences. An energetic and powerful rock transpires from the trio, with melodies echoing cast-iron rhythmics. <br /><br />The arrival of Christophe late 2007 on drums and Jeremie’s transition from guitar to bass cemented the line-up. The compositions refined and Common Fates came on a great deal. After several weeks work, a demo was recorded. It fell into good hands and in late 2008 the band signed for the production of its first album, "Words unspoken". <br /><br />The musicians entered the Hautregard and Rox studios to finalize the recordings and involved Damien Chierici (Yew and Foggy Stuff) for the violins on 3 tracks and Hervé Borbé (Machiavel) for the piano on "A million lies". <br /><br />The first single from the album is "Unintentionally", a ballad that pushes us deep into the rock world of Common Fates.