Beaujean, Olivier

Cleverwood helps you to connect and communicate with your customers by using the power of new media.<br /><br />For Cleverwood, content is king. Our key know-how is all about handling your content in the best possible ways. When your content has been delivered, we then monitor reactions of your audience, and convey them back to you. This way, you are able to adapt and optimize your communications campaigns in real time. Our team of consultants knows which web and digital channels work best for which kind of target audiences, and we adapt your content to the specifics of each channel. We use the expertise we’ve been building since 2007 to take care of your full digital presence. We ensure that your potential customers can easily find your products or services on the web, and that you can talk to them. Importantly, our goal is to combine our new media knowledge with the sound understanding of your business as a whole, so that your digital presence is aligned with the broader context of your overall business goals.