Chris Palanca

My name's Chris Palanca, CJ for short. I am a Digital Film and Video Production graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia. I work under the name of Cliff Jumper Productions or CJPVideos for short.<br /><br />I began producing videos when I was 14, creating skateboarding and snowboarding videos, as well as goofy little videos. I continued to do sports videography work for football, lacrosse, wrestle, etc. I then got picked up to work on set of a PBS television pilot, working as a production assistant to the writers/producer and have currently been making all the reedits on the show. During my time at AIPH, I got more involved in doing a variety of videos, music events, short narratives, commercials, and corporate videos.<br /><br />I've worked as a one man crew on several projects, having to do everything, writing, directing, shooting video, capturing audio, lighting scenes, and my favorite process, post production audio and video editing, motion graphics, and visual effects.<br /><br />I enjoy producing videos that make people think outside the box, to be more original and creative, it there's one thing you should get out of watching my videos, it's that you can do anything that comes to mind with some time and determination.<br />​<br />I can be contacted at