Wesley Miller

<b>Choppercat </b>who is bluedecker97?.. <br /><p> <br />My name is Wesley and for several years the name bluedecker97, a reference to film 'BLADE RUNNER', has been my username.</p><p> <br />Recently, last year, a new and great kitten became part of the bluedecker97 household. Chopper, oh that crazy cat, makes my partner and I and even our older cat, Broccoli very happy. <br /></p><p> <br />bluedecker97 is a high-volume seller of postcards on ebay and the original PREMIERE shop of my illustrations at cafepress.com/bluedecker97. I consider my illustrations art and am learning to utilize a software program called XARA. <br /></p><p> <br />ILLUSTRATED by choppercat/bluedecker97: <br />Elephants, Turtles, Finch Birds, Penguins, Surfers, Bohemians, dogs, cats, Christmas, Valentines and more.</p>