Charles Alexander
motionmaker Durham, United States
The Magic Melting Pot of Muse:
Charles Alexander Artist Biography
The Magic Melting Pot
A gifted metalworker utilizes the finest valuable ore and smelts it into a malleable form. After much work, the result is a uniquely treasured piece of art. Singer and songwriter Charles Alexander is much like a gifted metalworker – only he works in music rather than metal. Charles has the uncanny ability to take varied genres and styles, and meld them into something truly his own. Together with a dynamic diversity in his fan base, he is the creative source for a hoard of musical treasure. Hundreds of thousands of listeners have already poured into Charles Alexander’s magic melting pot of muse.

The Apprentice
A goldsmith spends years learning as an apprentice - and the same was true for Charles as a young musician. With ten other siblings, his family was large, close-knit, and very creative. His father was a minister and the family - quite literally - was the church choir. Charles explains, “My mother became the director of the choir, which included all of my brothers and sisters. This was the first moment music was introduced to me. I was eight years old.” By the age of twelve Charles had become enthralled with the sounds coming out of Detroit’s MoTown sound, as well as the acts from labels such as Stax Sounds. As a teenager, the opportunity to see the Temptations on tour with their orchestra solidified his desire to be a musician.

Performer and Promoter
In 1968, Charles began performing with a group named The Black Magic Band. As a member of the band, he developed and honed his stage presence and performance skills. During the 1970s, he had the opportunity to work with the likes of Grammy soul singer Betty Wright and also performed with legend Chick Willis and Joe Tex. In addition, he became the keyboard player for the popular r&b singer Will Hatcher. This early exposure to music professionals helped Charles form an ear for wide-ranging musical styles and abilities.


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