Vanishing Species is dedicated to protecting and caring for abused, neglected, and injured animals. Since 1998, we have cared for and provided a wildlife sanctuary for hundreds of animals that are in critical need of your financial help. <br />It is gravely important that we help these animals RIGHT NOW. We need donations from caring people like you so we can continue our mission of not only rescuing animals, but educating children across America on the importance of these creatures. <br />In order to continue on with our purpose, please donate 50 or even 15 dollars! Plus, with your 15 dollar donation you will receive a welcome package. Your donations will go towards nutritious meals, cleaning supplies, housing, subsidize medical care, and educational programs across the U.S. <br />Help us provide a future and commit to protecting our vanishing species. Please give your tax deductible donation RIGHT NOW by clicking on the donate button. <br />