Charbel Moreno

Music Composer & Song Writer - Member of SOCAN - The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada<br />Biography<br /><br /><br />Charbel Moreno – (born Charbel Alasmar) - is a Music Composer, Music Arranger,He is also a Member of SOCAN - Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada.<br /><br />He started his passion for music at an early age. Being Canadian and born in the Middle-East to a family that was profoundly exposed and influenced by three cultures simultaneously: Lebanese, Brazilian and French, prepared him to savor and embrace all sort of music of different cultures, ethnics and diverse styles. <br /><br />He gets his inspiration from: Mike Oldfield, Era, Gregorian, Rahbani Brothers, Ziad Rahbani, Jean-Michel Jarre and Avicci.<br /><br />Charbel Moreno composes in various music styles: <br /><br />• Epic<br />• Ethnic/World Music/World Fusion <br />• New Age <br />• Ambient <br />• Pop<br />• Hip Hop <br />• Techno Trance<br /><br />Charbel Moreno has also used his audio/video editing skills, alongside his music composition, to create and develop videos for private sectors, companies, charity and communities.<br /><br /><br />His beautiful, yet challenging, path and passion have begun and Charbel Moreno is looking forward to showing what the future is holding and what he could offer. He could be a small drop in the ocean, but he knows that every drop counts and might make a difference in someone’s life. <br /><br />With all my Love!<br />Charbel Moreno