Aracely Reyes

Name: Aracely Reyes! <br /><br />Nicks: Cely, Cellz, cell_air and Aracelies!. <br /><br />Age: I'm 17! <br /><br />Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada! <br /><br />Skool: Notre Dame! <br /><br />What am I: Rocker baby ! <br /><br />Boy friend: Daniel! <br /><br />My guy friends:Shevaughn, Bernard and Christian! <br /><br />My Gals:Angela,Angie,Jennifer, Elaine,Jackie, Stephanie,Sarah, Elizabeth, Jessica and Sandy! <br /><br />My BFF: Tamara Young! <br /><br />Fave colour: Green! GREEN! <br /><br />Fave food: Junk food! <br /><br />Fave number: 14! LOL! <br /><br />Fave t.v shows: The stuff I watch is The Simpsons, Everybody loves Raymond, saturday night live, King of the hill, Fear factor, American Idol, Sop you think you can dance and Survivor! <br /><br />Fave Movies! LORT: FOTR, TTT and ROTK! Harry Potter, The Matrix, Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind, , Shrek, Kill Bill, LORT: FOTR, TTT, ROTK, The Lion King Spider man one two , Sin city and the Inuyasha movie one, two and three, Corpse Bride, House of Wax, Under world, Hooligans just to name a few of course the list goes on and on and on!!! <br /><br />Hobbies. I like to read, watch movies, hang with my friends, and go on the computer! I love to draw , a little manga and I love to act. <br /><br />My dream job: An actress! <br /><br />Fave music: I like Rock, Punk Rock and a little Pop. Jpop, Jrock and so on... <br /><br />