Vlad Scala

CATSPRIZE ENTERTAINMENT LTD. <br /><br />Founded in 2003 by Vladimir "Vlad Scala" SEGUIN, Catsprize Entertainment Ltd. is specialized in the Music Business & Entertainment. <br />Located in London and in Monaco, Catsprize® is commited to Excellence and dedicated to the International, notably in the creation of HiPHoP and RnB Venues. <br /><br />Having been rocked by the world of Showbusiness and Entertainment since childhood, thanks to his father's life(*), Vlad Scala naturally follows the same tracks. <br />Self - educated artist, author, compositor and producer, he creates his own quality music label. <br /><br />During 5 years crossed between the United States, London, and Monaco, Vlad S. improves his experience by collaborating with Artists of international reputation: De la Soul, Mya, DJ Whoo Kid, Black Cease, Craig David, etc … <br />Vlad feels like something is missing to the achievement of his projects and Ambitions. <br />At that time, he is introduced to an artist of another kind, St Juin de Bruneval, a great painter. <br />Meeting her was going to prove to be decisive. They decide to become Associates... <br /><br />Strong of a solid experience in the fields of Art and in the organization of high-standing social parties, St Juin de Bruneval brings the complementary piece so waited. Their alliance and fine conivence gives to their company a briliant and original touch in the unpitiful world of Music Business. <br /><br />Last but not least, Catsprize Entertainment Ltd. now offers several subsidiaries among which Catsprize ArtWorks, Catsprize Charity Support, Catsprize Studios and Catsprize Events. <br /><br />(* This father "Gregory of Monaco" was a Crooner, The Great "Ambassador" of the Glamour Nights of Monaco at his Time.)(R.I.P)