Shadows is a web series, online on YouTube since 2/12/2013, in little time Shadows has had many visits, 7000 views without right marketing and promotional options. The series had a good feedback from the papers (local papers and national papers) good critics and followers on social network!! <br />The project is low budget. 20 are the actors involved in the project. 10 people are involved as staff and special effects crew. But being low budget we can not carry on the ambitious project. We have worked with canon 7D, 1100D and 600D, we have built part of the equipment (steadycam, dolly, crane, green screen) and worked in post processing with MacBook Pro and Windows PC. We are the first web series horror in Italy and our ambition is bring back to life a genre that was born here. The main character of the series is Vincent, he finds himself immersed in a dream that seems to be like a hell, where the terrible ghosts of his past are manifested, while Andrew investigates a series of murders regarding him closely. Two stories seemingly parallel but in the end up with the interweaving in a gripping storyline and full of twists and turns. Part of the plot is designed in hell, according to this we will make use of special effects (although this is a very rare thing in the Italian independent-cinema overview) and we will transform Palermo in a surreal place by exploiting the evocative post-war locations typical of the region.