We began with a unique vision - to develop a vertically-integrated platform that creates the best customer-focused, service-enriched student housing properties in the industry. By executing this plan, we created first-class student housing communities with an unmatched lifestyle meeting young adults' needs. We offer college students an opportunity to break away from mediocre apartments and over-crowded dorms. And give them a lifestyle that's unsurpassed by our competitors. This vision has propelled Campus Crest to the top of the student housing industry.<br /><br />Poker tournaments, blood drives, poetry readings, flag football, and yoga are just a few of the incredible activities that go on at The Grove®. It's not just about having great amenities anymore, even though we do. It's about the day-to-day experiences we offer our residents. That's what they're looking for, the connections and experiences that go along with living here. <br /><br />We work with universities to incorporate their programs at our properties and encourage students and staff members to give back to their community. We provide the lifestyle that compliments the resident's academic experiences. We want to foster each student's growth, both personally and academically. Here our students will grow and be successful. There's always room for that at The Grove.