Carlos Murrieta

When you really notice a woman's tits you will discover that all you want to do is be near them, touch them, suck on them, twisting those nipples around in your mouth for a full feeling of pleasure between your lips. You can find tits everywhere. Watch tits bounce as women are walking down the street, you can see tits on television, you can look at tits in a magazine or in a book, and you can even find tits where you work if you are looking in the right places.

When you see a pair of tits behind a nice tit sweater, it is so easy to imagine what they really look like when this woman is naked. Thinking about how they feel when you would be touching then, soft, round, erect nipples, and wow - what your dick would feel like when you put it in between this pair of tits!

Using tits to fulfill your every sexual fantasy is a wonderful feeling that just does not go away, you will want to play with her tits over and over again, and learn new ways to fuck her tits, play with her nipples and to make her scream from pleasure.

Taking her nipples between your teeth and gently biting them will enhance your pleasure and increase her awareness of your desire.

You can use syrups, whipped cream, fruits, and ice on her tits to eat, suck, and freeze her tits so that you can make her experience all the wonderful feelings that you have been dreaming about.

Sitting on top of her, sticking your dick between her tits is easy just slide right on up there. You can fuck her tits by holding them together while pressing down on the shaft of your dick into her chest. Squeezing her tits together makes your dick feel wonderful. Pressing down on the shaft of your penis when you are fucking her tits gives you an extra wonderful feeling to explode.


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Wir wünschen Dir einen guten Start in die neue Woche mit viel Spass und Freude.

liebe Küsschen und eine dicke Umarmung
muse und Co.

-ڿڰۣ- ♥☸-ڿڰۣ- ♥☸-ڿڰۣ- ♥☸-ڿڰۣ- ♥☸-ڿڰۣ- ♥☸-ڿڰۣ-
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muse & Co.

Freunde sind wie Laternen am Weg.
Sie machen ihn zwar nicht kürzer, aber umso heller.

Wir wünschen Dir ein wunderschönes Wochenende.

Viele liebe Küsschen und eine dicke Umarmung von uns zwei.

****** Muse & Co. ******
Hace 5 años por muse & Co.
muse & Co.

Have a nice weekend.

kissssss and hugsssss
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Hace 5 años por muse & Co.

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