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With the media world rapidly growing, and expanding to new mediums and new genres, it's hard to keep up with all of it! More or less find a place where you can find what you want. The podcasting industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the media world today, and podcasting is ideal for latest announcements and achievements within the gaming and technology worlds. Here at Broken Eggs Media, we're here to cook you up great podcasts for several great games such as the ever so popular Battlefield series (EA/DICE) and World of Warcraft (Blizzard). Both of these podcasts have had great success with tens of thousands of listeners each week, so why don't you join in and see what all the rage is about?
Name: Broken Eggs Media
Broken Eggs Media also is rolling out with new podcasts for games such as Crysis, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, America's Army, Quake Wars, Guild Wars, and much more! We are also preparing several technology podcasts ranging from gaming consoles such as the PlayStation and Nintendo consoles, as well as podcasts for PC and Mac fans! However, the sky's the limit, and you might be able to see other forms of media as well as other areas of focus in the future as we grow and expand.

Broken Eggs Media has already delivered several great interviews from the game publishers themselves, excellent mod teams, exclusive updates, videos, and screenshots you can't find anywhere else, and great tips to make you a player to be reckoned with. Whether you are a professional at a game, or are unfamiliar and want to know more about one, Broken Eggs Media is the place to look. If you are also interested in joining Broken Eggs Media's team, you can find out more in the Information Center.

So feel free to browse, and look around for something you like! Remember all of our podcast episodes are FREE, and all you need to play them is a computer! For more information on what a podcast is, visit our "About Podcasting" page at .

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