Edinburgh, United Kingdom
brani - A Zionist and Nazi collaborator Comrade
.Zion unity and spirit requires to enter various disguises ; I undertook a anti Zionist role in our ZionTube ; Even i have relationship with nazi and anti Semite channels i am pretending an white power aryan belle :) ..Why ,I have a separate cause except follow and trail out because existing significant amount anti Zionist Jew ; ,thus communication inevitably with the nazis and they will be scalpel for the purification. ♥ Am Yisrael Chai ♥
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Nazi Support of Zionism
Nazi-Zionist Collaboration
Nazi-Zionist Collaboration — LastSuperpower


Samuel Fagin
Hi my love., when the wave distills scum suddenly I hear in my heart, swishing the sea under this onslaught, it's your love that I inhale.
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אחות שבת שלום
April by Jacob
I subbed, sub back please?
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bonjour a vous brani amitié Gérard ♥