I believe that no one hears music quite the same as anyone else. Our emotions and interpretations often differ. Its what makes it so interesting! This channel is devoted to getting what *I* hear onto the video screen for everyone to enjoy! Horns up good people! \m/ <br />A few questions: <br /><br />Entiendes español?!?! <br />Sí, pero comprendo más, más, MÁS mejor que hablo! ;P Sin embargo, escribame en español si quiere. Necesito la practica! <br /><br />"What type of music do you like?" <br />All kinds; I especially like fusions of different genres. Playing wise, I love playing heavy rock and metal. <br /><br />"Do you take requests?" <br />Well, yes and no. I'm trying to take a "Tour of Rock" and play one song per band, so if I have a particular band up already I probably won't do another song by them for awhile. <br /><br />"What are Ultimate Guitar Remixes?" <br />The songs I play where I change at least 50% of the way the song is played (on PURPOSE lol). On most songs however I will add little touches like squeals or a quick arpeggio, but that's just me being me ;) <br /><br />"Can you send me tabs for________?" <br />Sorry, but nope. I either don't have tabs or do not have the time to get them and send them out. <br />