bowser ossec

N'hésitez pas à poser des questions sur le profil (chaque com laissé sur le profil devra être une question et aucune pub).<br /><br />*Walkthrough fini :<br /><br />-alien hominid (PS2) [hard]<br />-mischief makers (semi-coop avec conker_bandicoot)<br />-Turok dinosaur hunter (64) [hard + 100%]<br />-sonic labyrinth (GG)<br />-sonic 3d blast (MD) (100%)<br />-conspiracy weapons of mass destruction (PS2)<br />-Sonic 4 (wii ware) (100%) [Découverte]<br />-Turok evolution (Xbox)<br />-shadow man (64) [100%]<br />-Ecks vs Sever 2 ballistic (GBA)<br />-TMHT : fall of the foot clan (GB)<br />-heart of darkness (PS1) [difficile]<br />-bust a move 2 (64) [hard + 100%]<br />-Duke nukem land of the babes (PS1) [hard + 100%]<br />-Megaman 10, MR perfect (easy) (wii ware) (8 robots)<br />-Sonic Drift (GG) [hard]<br />-Sonic unleashed (PS2)<br />-smarties meltdown (PS2)<br />-Metal slug (1-2-X-3-4-5-6) [hard]<br />-medal of honor espionnage (GBA) [100%]<br />-super mario land (difficile)<br />-shadow man 2 (PS2)<br />-the conduit (wii)<br />-goldeneye (wii) [découverte]<br />-sonic colours (wii)<br />-Bust a Move 3 DX (64) [very hard]<br />-hello kitty roller rescue (PS2)<br />-medal of honor soleil levant (PS2)<br />-shadow the hedgehog (Xbox) [100% + découverte]<br />-mario kart double dash (GC) [grand chelem]<br />-syphon filter 2 (PS1)<br />-bomberman tournament (GBA)<br />-sonic and the secret rings (wii)<br />-Sonic R (100%)<br />-Etarnal Darkness sanity's requiem (GC) [Rouge]<br />-metal gear solid ghost babel (GBC) [hard]<br />-Mario kart 64 (64) [sans item]<br />-Sonic chaos (GG)<br />-Obscure 2 (wii)<br />-Sonic heroes (GC) [100%]<br />-Splinter cell (GBA)<br />-Mario et luigi superstar saga (gba) [low level]<br />-ecks vs sever (gba)